Australia – Take 2

12/05 – 26/05/2024

After almost 1 1/2 years, we landed on the red continent again full of excitement, but this time on the west coast. Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is our base for planning the next steps. We moved into a room in the house of a super nice older lady for four weeks and not only improved our English skills, but also started looking for a suitable vehicle for further exploration of the country. In between, we also took the time for a trip to Rottnest Island. Why, you ask? Because this is probably the easiest place to encounter the happiest animal in the world, the quokka (short-tailed kangaroo). You simply have to see these up to 60 cm tall marsupials. 🙂

Fortunately, we were able to find a vehicle 3 days later. We opted for a second-hand Nissan Navara pickup with a rooftop tent, a 60-litre fridge and two huge drawers in the back. We decided not to hire a campervan, as we did last time, as we are allowed to stay in the country for a year on our tourist visa and having our own car is not only cheaper, but also offers more flexibility. For all those interested in technology, here are a few more facts about the Navara. Year of manufacture: 2013, engine: 2.5 litre diesel (without particulate filter), 6-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel drive, mileage around 333,000.

Nissan Navara RX (4×4)…our new toy

There will be more pictures of the car and how we live in it as soon as we leave Perth (9 June) and are finally on the road again. Until then.

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